15+ Luxury Farmhouse Porch Design Ideas

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image source: ww.yelp.com

Passing the day on a comfortable front porch is just one of life’s small pleasures. At this Victorian-era farmhouse, the open living room faces the road, visually inviting neighbors to get a conversation. Nevertheless, it was not always so welcoming: Past owners had included it. When interior designer Irwin Weiner purchased the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, home, he set about restoring it together with details that match its turn of this century period. Rattan chairs in the 1920s rub elbows with a’70s era metal coffee table that is grounded with a faded rag carpet.

The way to attain a combination that meshes instead of clashes? “Find bits which look like they have been passed down over generations, and the space will seem as though it evolved over the years,” says Weiner. Here, elements you’ll be able to put together to get a similar appearance.

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Lisa Martha